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Privacy is The Best Policy! Block the Sun & The Haters!


Automotive Window Film

At Imperial Works we hand select each window film we offer to our clients. We keep in mind what’s important, whether its pure looks, heat rejection, UV rejection, or all of the above. Our window film is custom cut to fit your vehicle’s windows and installed in-house by our professionally-trained installers. If you are looking for a specific film to fit your needs feel free to give us a call so we may help you find the film that best fits your needs!!

We’ve all seen old purple bubbly window tint, it looks terrible and in some cases in can be a hazardous. Contact us today for quotes on tint removal.

  • Tint will protect your interior from becoming brittle and fading 
  • Tint will reduce glare from the sunlight
  • Tint will keep the inside of your car cooler 
  • Tint will actually keep shattered windows in place
  • Tint also has health benefits by reducing exposure to harmful UV rays

  • Carbon construction
  • Non Fading, no purpling, anti bubbles.
  • Metallic free for zero interference with electronics.
  • Black Finish
Just because it’s our base film doesn’t mean it’s not a good film. Suntek Carbon is a film that will meet your aesthetic needs while providing you with 99.9% UV ray protection backed by Suntek's life-time warranty.
We Only Use The Best!
  • Nano Carbon Polyester
  • Non Fading, no purpling, anti bubbles.
  • Metallic free for zero interference with electronics.
  • Infrared Rejection
Color Stable is quickly becoming one of our most sought after films. Its higher heat rejection properties and darker shades make it a popular choice amongst those that seek comfort and privacy. What makes Color Stable unique is the nano carbon polyester that allows the film to block up to 57% of heat without sacrificing the glare reduction that comes from darker shades. 3M Color Stable is a choice to be reckoned with, also backed by 3M’s life-time warranty.
  • Multilayer optical film
  • Enhanced visibility at night
  • Non Fading, no purpling, anti bubbles.
  • Metallic free for zero interference with electronics.
  • Infrared Rejection
Crystalline is “IR” window tint film, also known as “Infrared Rejection.” It is a unique film with over 200+ layers of optical film that is designed to reject 97% of the sunlight’s infrared heat. If you’re looking to beat the heat, then Crystalline is the film for you.


Window Tinting Services and More for Automotive & Commercial 


Lets Get Your Window Tinting Questions Answered

How much does window tint cost?

The cost of the job can vary depending on vehicle and amount of windows that need tinted.

What’s the purpose of window tint?

The main purpose of window tint is to provide you with privacy, to deter thieves from breaking
into your car. To protect your interior from the harmful UV rays. Reduce glare from the sunlight.
And also to drastically reduce the heat.

Does tint interfere with my phone?

None of our films will interfere with your electronics as they are all nano based films.

What if I provide the film?

Sorry, we don’t install any film but the ones we carry.

Do you remove window tint?

Yes, we can remove window tint.

How long does the install take?

The amount of time it takes depends on the vehicle and amount of windows getting tinted.

How do I take care of it?

Very simple, and glass cleaner that is safe for window tint should be fine. But don’t use
household cleaning products, like Windex for example. Keep ammonia based products away
from the film.

What kind of film do you use?

Right now we carry Suntek Carbon, 3M Color Stable, and 3M Crystalline.

Why is my tint purple?

Your tint has most likely turned purple because cheap film was used.

Is there warranty?

Yes, all our film comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. We have our own
warranty that covers anything labor related for 1 year. For example if the window starts peeling
at the edge, we will replace it.

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